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Stinging Insects

yellow jacket
Yellow jackets

Here at A & E Pest Control, we can take care of your stinging insect problems like: Baldfaced Hornets, Guinea Wasps, Red Wasp, Yellow Jackets, Carpenter Bees and even Scorpions.

Hornets and Yellow Jackets

If you have any of the wasps like Hornets or Yellow Jackets, we advise you getting a professional to take care of the problem as they can be extremely dangerous. With most of our stinging insects, you will notice an increase in activity usually starting in August. Bees, wasps and hornets have HUGE NESTS and are very protective of them and the space around them. The adults in the colony are feeding and raising as many young as possible to insure a new group of queens next spring. As with wasps and other members of this family, they will feed on protein which includes dead animals, other insects and any thing they can find. 

yellow jacket nest, yellow jacket nest winder
Yellow jacket nest under railroad ties.

This is why yellow jackets, wasps and hornets are considered part of nature's clean-up crew. They are preforming a valuable service. Unless a nest is located in an area where humans and animals come into contact with them, we suggest you leave it alone.
We have customers that will find a hornet nest in a bush at the front door in August or September. This nest has been there all year long but due to the hornets needing to insure next years brood they become very aggressive. Remember you should not bother these nests as the adults will protect it at all costs. But...that doesn't mean they are out to get you or your family. All they want is some space and to be left alone.

hornet nest winder ga
Hornet Nest Entry

Hornets, Wasps and Yellow jackets can cause serious harm to some individuals.